Anima's Daedric Chart
Prince Sphere Artifact Azura Dusk and Dawn Azura's Star
Boethia Battle Goldbrand
Clavicus Vile Deals Masque of Clavicus Vile
Hermaus Mora Forbidden Knowledge Oghma Infinium
Hircine The Hunt Saviors Hide
Jyggalag Order None Known
Malacath The Shunned and Unwanted Volendrung
Merhunes Dagon Destruction Merhunes Razor
Meridia Light and Life Dawnbreaker
Molag Bal Dominance Mace of Molag Bal
Namira Darkness Ring of Namira
Nocturnal Shadows and Theft Skeleton Key
Peryite Tasks and Plague Spellbreaker
Sanguine Debauchery Sanguine Rose
Sheogorath Madness Wabbajack
Vaermina Dreams Skull of Corruption

This was generated based on what I know and could remember from TES games.