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    I mostly hang around discussing lore whenever I get the chance. I also have a few thought pieces on the lore, if anyone's interested:

    Giles Deleuze, Memory, Reality and Buggering the Narrative:,_Memory,_Reality,_TES_and_Buggering_the_Narrative
    A discussion of how the notion of imagined empiricism in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze relates to particular events and the concept of memory in TES.
    Telling What You Believe: Mythopoeia and Faith on Nirn:
    Some thoughts on what faith is in TES and what it does, given that real-world definitions of faith are unsuitable due to the very present nature of gods on Nirn.

    Musings on Alduin, Akatosh and the Nords' View of Death

    An outline of how I think the notions of dragons and death interact in the Nords' religious consciousness, and the consequences of that interaction for their myth-making.

    Anuic/Padomaic Re-Examined, and Found Wanting

    Anu is not Anuic, he's something else...

    On the Nature and Role of the Hero in TES:
    There is actually a reason why the hero of midday games is a prisoner...
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  • Aramithius

    There's been quite a few questions about the nature of CHIM in these parts lately, so I thought I might as well add my two-penn'orth to the discussion. Bear in mind that I will liberally mix what we find in the games and MK's other comments in my analysis here. You have been warned.

    The first thing to bear in mind about CHIM is that we know very little about it. What we do know is steeped in metaphor and uncertain, and you'll likely get slightly different answers to the question depending on who you ask. Which is kind of appropriate, really, given this definition we get from Vivec:

    CHIM is also numbered among the Walking Ways, which are also called ways to "reach heaven by violence". I personally think that this has something to do with the …

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  • Aramithius

    Each Elder Scrolls game involves a Hero. The ones that charge (or sneak) in and save the world or a select corner of it from whatever menace is threatening it in that particular game. But their roles are a bit more pivotal than just doing that. They are typically not just saving the world, but also making a choice to do so. Add to this the notion that the Hero always starts each game as a Prisoner, and you have some interesting implications.

    When Lorkhan planned to create Mundus, it's possible that he did so to force limitations on the spirits of the world so that they can transcend them. Someone who has never known limit, like the unbound et'ada, cannot overcome them, and therefore cannot transcend their current state. This is the heart of…

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  • Aramithius

    Some thoughts I had a while back on /r/teslore about Anu, Padomay, Magnus and the Thalmor. Hopefully processed into something useful, but I still feel like there's more to this ball of wool...

    Traditionally in TES lore, “Anuic” and “Padomaic” are terms associated with change and stasis respectively. It is assumed that the “Anuic” forces are those for the status quo, for keeping things as they are. However, if we look at the behaviour of Anu himself in the events of the Anuad, we see that it is not a static attitude, but an explicitly backward-looking, regressive thing, which is not the absence of change, but change oriented to make things as they were.

    Anu’s actions in the Anuad are entirely based on his love of Nir . He fights Padomay base…

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  • Aramithius

    A repost of something I put up on /r/teslore a few months ago. Let me know if you have any thoughts!

    The Nordic pantheon begins, and ends, with death. And both of these are the same thing: a dragon.

    This is quite different from most human religions and their attitude to the dragon god; Alduin is not a protector like Akatosh, as Thromgar Iron-Head eloquently points out, he is a destroyer. But he is also the 'wellspring' of the Nordic pantheon, according to Varieties of Faith. How are these two attitudes reconciled? I think the answer is to be found in the Dragon Cult and its impact on the Nords' society.

    The Skyrim dragon cult was allegedly very different to the Atmoran dragon cult, of which Ysgramor was a part. I believe that it was only when…

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  • Aramithius

    This is a repost of a post I made a while back on /r/teslore.

    IceFireWarden's fantastic piece on the Prolix Tower got me thinking about how the Walking Ways interact with what we understand of as religious faith. It is still there in Tamriel, just a little different from what it is on Earth.

    Proof Denies Faith

    While many of the gods in Tamriel have priests, the interaction that mortals have with their gods (whether Aedra or Daedra) is on quite a different level to what it is for Earth religions. Because the existence of the Daedra is obvious, and the existence of the Aedra can be strongly inferred, there is little room for the kind of faith that is "being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1). Even l…

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