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  • I live in Belgium
  • I was born on June 1
  • I am female
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    An Orc

    July 19, 2012 by Arjen2

    You'll be thinking what it means, an orc. Well, I'll gladly explain.

    When I finished Skyrim for the first time, as my Khajiit, I was happy and wanted to play Skyrim all over again, using different characters of diffirent races. I tried the Bosmer, the Altmer, the Nord, the Imperial... Some races even twice. But I never had a feeling that this char looked like the Dragonborn, was cool, looked good... None of them had these looks. I searched the wiki for the best warrior race. I had a female Nord, but I saw they're good in Light Armor, and I tihnk a warrior needs Heavy Armor. So I found out that actually the Orc is the best Warrior race.

    When I went on Skyrim, the other day, I deleted my Nord and started over again with an Orc, a male. I took …

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  • Arjen2


    June 23, 2012 by Arjen2

    Today I played Skyrim, finally, after more then 2 weeks, it felt very good. Although I wasn't used to the feeling of the controller anymore. After all those exams and holding a pen for so long, I was happy to see something else and beat up those bandits and save the day.

    Skyrim is just so much fun, there's always something to do and you never get bored when playing it. Exploring those woods and caves, forts and mountains, it's like a real life you won't see these days anymore.

    Well, what I did today was liberating Skyrim together with my brothers and sisters, The Stormcloaks. Normally I choose for the "good" side, The Imperials, but I thought, why not the Stormcloaks? They want the same as The Imperials, with another strategy, but they want …

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  • Arjen2

    What First?

    May 17, 2012 by Arjen2

    Today, I was playing Skyrim again. I haven't started a new game for a long time now, but I already got some quests. I was questioning myself what kind of quests i should do first. Normally I finish the miscelanious quests first, cause they don't really influence the main story line.

    But what if I can't get at the point I need to be, it's to difficult or the places are quite a distance from each other? Travelling is nice, that's a reason why I like Skyrim even more, but travelling 1000 miles for example is ... much.

    So now, I'm just gonna finish the Stormcloak questline, then the companions, then the god quests and then the story line. When i have a miscelanious quest in between, I'm first gonna finish that one of course.

    I hope this will help…

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  • Arjen2

    First Time

    May 14, 2012 by Arjen2

    So, this is my very first blog i'm writing. Actually the idea came from nowhere... Random? ... but i thought let's try.

    So I'm Arjen. I'm Belgian and although, as you could read in my profile i'm a girl. Some people may think this is strange and don't trust the things i say. People may think i'm "just a girl who tries to get into the Boy's World". But since my brother told me Skyrim is really nice game, i thought, why not? I began playing, thinking it was kind of an agressive game, but that thought got out of my mind, and soon i feeled how addicting Skyrim actually is.

    I became a bit addicted to the game as soon as i kept playing everyday and wanted to get better and better. I even tried to beat my brother in finishing the game first. ... An…

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