An Orc

You'll be thinking what it means, an orc. Well, I'll gladly explain.

When I finished Skyrim for the first time, as my Khajiit, I was happy and wanted to play Skyrim all over again, using different characters of diffirent races. I tried the Bosmer, the Altmer, the Nord, the Imperial... Some races even twice. But I never had a feeling that this char looked like the Dragonborn, was cool, looked good... None of them had these looks. I searched the wiki for the best warrior race. I had a female Nord, but I saw they're good in Light Armor, and I tihnk a warrior needs Heavy Armor. So I found out that actually the Orc is the best Warrior race.

When I went on Skyrim, the other day, I deleted my Nord and started over again with an Orc, a male. I took a male Orc, cause I think it looks better then a female... And he looks just awesome. Now I regret it, all the time, that I didn't try this race earlier. When he uses a finishing move, you can see his glass eye, which is quite scary, cause you can't see anythign of his eyes, all black. And he is so heavy, even with Light Armor he looks great. When I followed Hadvar, I sometimes thought if I shouldn't walk in front. Such a heavy, strong man.

Wow, it looks like I fell in love with this guy. I'll see how far I can get with this character. For now, I think it the first one, after my Khajiit, that will finish the game.

I suggest you all try the Orc just once. And choose a male, the female looks a bit weird. You'll see how you, just like me, will fall in love with this race, having a superior power and good looks, for an Orc.

Arjen2 (talk) 08:40, July 19, 2012 (UTC)