Today I played Skyrim, finally, after more then 2 weeks, it felt very good. Although I wasn't used to the feeling of the controller anymore. After all those exams and holding a pen for so long, I was happy to see something else and beat up those bandits and save the day.

Skyrim is just so much fun, there's always something to do and you never get bored when playing it. Exploring those woods and caves, forts and mountains, it's like a real life you won't see these days anymore.

Well, what I did today was liberating Skyrim together with my brothers and sisters, The Stormcloaks. Normally I choose for the "good" side, The Imperials, but I thought, why not the Stormcloaks? They want the same as The Imperials, with another strategy, but they want the same thing. So, I gave Ulfric what he wanted, Skyrim. Now I'm busy with the quests of the Companions and The Thieves Guild. I didn't start the rest of the Main Quest yet, cause I want to be a more experienced elf first.

With my first character, I just wanted to beat the game. But then I was just a nooby player and not enjoying the game. Now I have more strategy and more experience. Now I know how you have to play Skyrim. And it's fun. You first explore and kill and at the end, you'll beat the strongest of all. Just looking forward to it.

Enjoy Skyrim,
Arjen2 (talk) 19:49, June 23, 2012 (UTC)