The Very First Time

So, this is my very first blog i'm writing. Actually the idea came from nowhere... Random? ... but i thought let's try.

So I'm Arjen. I'm Belgian and although, as you could read in my profile i'm a girl. Some people may think this is strange and don't trust the things i say. People may think i'm "just a girl who tries to get into the Boy's World". But since my brother told me Skyrim is really nice game, i thought, why not? I began playing, thinking it was kind of an agressive game, but that thought got out of my mind, and soon i feeled how addicting Skyrim actually is.

Before him

I became a bit addicted to the game as soon as i kept playing everyday and wanted to get better and better. I even tried to beat my brother in finishing the game first. ... And it worked! I beat Alduin down and was so happy, a girl beating a boy, in his own game.

Keep playing

Overall, i think Skyrim is the best "aggresive" game i ever played. That is thanks to the awesome designes, good graphics, awesome storyline and beautiful music. Although i thought the game was kind of short, i liked playing it. And today, i started 2 new games with a Bosmer ( a Wood Elf ) and an Altmer ( a High Elf ). As you can see, i love Magic. My first game was a Khajit, and they are not really what i really liked. But now it's going quite good and i'm more structured then the first time. I want to keep playing and hope to discover every single place on the map. And that on the most natural way: travelling.

vinxa zi kiarf vur charis wux jaseve vi charric.