What First?

Today, I was playing Skyrim again. I haven't started a new game for a long time now, but I already got some quests. I was questioning myself what kind of quests i should do first. Normally I finish the miscelanious quests first, cause they don't really influence the main story line.

But what if I can't get at the point I need to be, it's to difficult or the places are quite a distance from each other? Travelling is nice, that's a reason why I like Skyrim even more, but travelling 1000 miles for example is ... much.

So now, I'm just gonna finish the Stormcloak questline, then the companions, then the god quests and then the story line. When i have a miscelanious quest in between, I'm first gonna finish that one of course.

I hope this will help the, sometimes chaotic journal.

Arjen2 (talk) 23:21, May 17, 2012 (UTC)Arjen