Because it is a multiplayer online game, the game's upgrade and Elder Scrolls 5: Upgrade the way the sky may be quite different, the role of creation and annihilation of development back to the sky in career-oriented rather than a more liberal form, The role of rating upgrade compared to the role of skills upgrading more important role in enhancing the level based on the "experience" (Exp) rather than the traditional concept of relying on the horizon in that skill level increases, biased in favor of the majority of online style , the player must decide the direction of their talent, not like before, a "full repair", but retains its predecessor's features can be added to all the guild.

"The Elder Scrolls OL " will add a lot of random events, which is the more important part of the game, you can interact between the NPC, players can occasionally see this scene, for example, the addition of a robbery NPC NPC or dialogue exchanges between them.

Zenimax Online has created an open world, where players can accept adding a lot of random events and tasks, which makes the whole gaming experience more colorful players in the adventure of the open can also interact with other players. "The Elder Scrolls OL" will be added in the future traditional public copy, allowing players more "organic" team composition, whether it is small or large copy of a copy of the team will join the hero mode.

This upgrade approach, you do not feel cool?