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  • AssasinEbony

    -If you choose to side with the vampire faction,you will gain access to CASTLE VOLKIHAR-witch will grant access to vampiric powers and blood potion (this will help you feeding)

    -If you want to reconize a vampire you can look at the eyes or with the race KAJIIT also at the teeths

    -Here is a list of all the vampirism perks that you can upgrade like all the rest

    • POWER OF THE GRAVE ( 50 point bonus to health,magicka and stamina as a Vampire Lord
    • DETECT ALL CREATURES ( Enables you to detect lifeforms )
    • MIST FORM ( Turn yourself into a cloud while regenerating your health stamina and magicka )
    • SUPERNATURAL REFLEXES ( You move quiker,while enemies move slower.Upgrade to Mist Form )
    • BLOOD HEALING ( The word already tell it ;-D )
    • UNEARTHLY WILL ( Night pow…

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