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    July 12, 2013 by Assassin'sArt
    • This is written from a Nord's view and although he wouldn't write like it, I wrote this how he would talk, omitting several h's. Keep this in mind when reading*

    4E 171, 18 Last Seed

    Fifty years...fifty years spent roaming te woodland and ice-capped mountains of Skyrim. Wat to show for it? One good eye and a body riddled wit scars. Old armor and less tan tirty septims to my name. At least I still ave da's sword..Hrunting..good steel, forged in te Skyforge te way e'd tell it, never failed me tough.

    4E 171, 19 Last Seed

    I climbed up tis cliff day before yesterday and broke camp. Great view of Whiterun and te valley from up ere when the clouds part. I'm still below te tree line so teres plenty of wood for te fire. I think I'll stay ere for awhile.…

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