• This is written from a Nord's view and although he wouldn't write like it, I wrote this how he would talk, omitting several h's. Keep this in mind when reading*

4E 171, 18 Last Seed

Fifty years...fifty years spent roaming te woodland and ice-capped mountains of Skyrim. Wat to show for it? One good eye and a body riddled wit scars. Old armor and less tan tirty septims to my name. At least I still ave da's sword..Hrunting..good steel, forged in te Skyforge te way e'd tell it, never failed me tough.

4E 171, 19 Last Seed

I climbed up tis cliff day before yesterday and broke camp. Great view of Whiterun and te valley from up ere when the clouds part. I'm still below te tree line so teres plenty of wood for te fire. I think I'll stay ere for awhile. Maybe mark it on te map. Te ruins of my ancestors are on te mountain opposite me, so close yet so far, its good its tis way. As luring as te ancient places are, teres nothing but deat in tem.

4E 171, 21 Last Seed

Went down into te forest today to unt, took down a buck from a tree. Broke its neck after I grabbed its antlers. I don't know wat made me start writing, never kept a journal before. Seeing Skyrim from tis particular cliff I realize I've never taken it all in. But maybe its just te age getting to me. Tis land is 'arsh. Mostly jagged mountains. If te cold doesn't take you te dragons will. Bastards. I've seen teir graves, I've read te 'istories. Tey should be deat. One passed over'ead last night, I woke up earing te tump of its wings. All te trees around te camp groaned from te force..

4E 171, 22 Last Seed

Went to te stream today and bated. My braids were clinging to my helm when I took it off so I figured it was about time. I've decided to build a ome ere. Live out wat few years I ave left. Opefully wit time tis place will mean someting to oters, wind up on a map, "Hjorvalin Hall," I like the sound of tat. At least I'll ave some legacy. Maybe write down some of my adventures. Te tings I've seen...

4E 171, 19 Evening Star

Its finished. Finally. Makes me proud to look on it. I nestled it nicely amongst te pines on te cliff. Its larger tan Jorrvaskr but its still dwarfed by Tirsk Mead Hall. I met wit one of my contacts at te College and she agreed to come and magically inscribe a riddle in te dragon language and an enchantment upon te doors for tem not to open until its been solved.. "Tinvaak, fahdon, ahrk hav." "Speak, friend, and enter." The future for tis Hall is beyond my knowing, but I feel it will be important, because of tis I asked my contact to go inside and place wards upon te timbers to protect it against fire and rot. Tis place will stand for centuries and 'istories will mention te great deeds tat were planned and people tat were 'oused ere.

4E 171, 20 Evening Star

My friend from te College decided to stay and we spent te night celebrating. One ting led to another and we ended up tumbling in te bed. She says she'd like to stay ere wit me. I agreed. She mentioned adding an escape tunnel and basement to te Hall, tomorrow, I'll see wat can be done, but for now...she beckons...

4E 172, 16 Sun's Dawn

Tunnel's finished. Leads out near a clearing nestled in te mountains overlooking Riverwood. I don't tink it can be seen or reached from below but it's possible to scale down from te area wit some rope. I buried a chest before te only tree in te area wit some rope in it and marked te tree wit a wolf's 'ead, my symbol. Leya keeps reinforcing te Hall, and now te escape tunnel, wit spells. I don't tink even te Psijics could break in ere at tis point. She is a Master Wizard after all.. I marked te entrance to te secret tunnel in te house by a small wolf's 'ead carved on te tird timber on te right wall from te back. Te timber is a little shorter tan te oters and can be pushed back allowing te wall on its right to be grabbed and pulled back. I put a 'andle on te inside too to close it after its been opened.

I tink Leya is pregnant. She is starting to show.

4E 172, 25 Heartfire

A girl! A beautiful baby girl.. We decided to name 'er Mirabelle.. Mirabelle Ervine.. She looks more Breton tan Nord, but maybe tats a good ting, she'll ave er moter's looks, if she looked like me she'd be doomed, ah-ah.

Wen I saw te child's face I finally became content in tis life. I ave a ome, a wife, and a little girl. On tis day I ung up Hrunting. If I ave a son someday, or a hero claims it, it will bring im good fortune, but until tat day it will rest upon te sword plaque be'ind my 'igh seat.

4E 172, 2 Frostfall

Leya says my night terrors aven't stopped. She 'as spoke of tese since she decided to stay and 'as often asked me wat plagues me. I can't tell er. If she knew..tere would be noting between us anymore.. Even so, she asks me to write tem out if I will not speak of tem. It's past time I put tese monsters to paper and rid myself of tem. After tey're done I'm going to bury tem in te chest in te clearing with te rope. I don't want Leya or Mirabelle stumbling upon tem and finding out who te one tey love really is.. Now...where to begin?

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