As of today, The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is available for download on PC/Mac. The expansion will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 5th. In this chapter, players may enter the mystical island of Summerset, which has long been closed to foreigners, and discover the wonders it holds within.

By the decree of Queen Ayrenn, Summerset Isle is now open to foreigners, but a Daedric threat looms over the breathtaking home of the High Elves. Travel to the Summerset Isle, reunite with old friends, and unravel a shadowy conspiracy that threatens all of Tamriel.

Summerset adds features like the Psijic Order skill line and Jewelry Crafting, among others, and comes alongside Update 18, a base game patch for all players. This update opens up Battlegrounds to everyone, and adds more Crafting Motifs, collectibles, and achievements, as well as a Crown Store gifting feature. According to the patch notes, the update is approximately 12.5 GB in size.

Naturally, the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on the game's main quest beyond "The Queen's Decree" which was extended to May 21st has now been lifted. Editors are free to add any relevant content about the chapter to the wiki.

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