Live now for PC/Mac users (Console players will have to wait until the 18th of this month), is the brand new One Tamriel update for The Elder Scrolls Online. Below is a basic gist of what you can expect from this rather extensive update.

  1. A complete removal of alliance restrictions. Players will be allowed to roam wherever they please, with whoever they please, at whatever level they please.
  2. Enemies will be automatically leveled near yours, so a weak player doesn't face down a level 60 monster.
  3. An all-new dueling system has/will be implemented for players.
  4. Each skill tree has gained some sort of ultimate finisher or ability.
  5. Craglorn is back.
  6. A new event system will let you celebrate holidays The Elder Scrolls way.
  7. New items in the Crown Store!

For a much more in-depth look at the different updates in action, see ZeniMax's website.