Bethesda's Pete Hines has announced a casual (and a bit controversial) contest at Bethesda Blog. Anyone who names their child born on 11/11/11 (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim release day) "Dovahkiin" will win a reward that was originally unspecified, but later stated to be a Steam key giving free access to "every ZeniMax/Bethesda game - past, present and future - for life.". Maybe it's a t-shirt that says "I named my kid after a video game and all I got is this lousy t-shirt"?

The BethBlog post includes this disclaimer:

Any reward for completing this quest will not ultimately justify the potential teasing your child could — and probably will — endure over its lifespan. Bethesda Softworks is not responsible for your parenting. You may gain experience points for completing this quest, but you will not care at 3am on a work night. Completion of this quest may also result in decreased desire to play video games and/or function as a human being. Consult with your friends before embarking on this quest; while it may not start in prison, it probably ends there.