I have come down to the conclusion that the empire of Tamriel is in most if not all ways better than the stormcloaks. Here's why I say that, you see from the information we get from the great war it states that the empire were defeated and under the fear of being completely destroyed signed a peace treaty that end the war with the aldmeri dominion but with consiquences. In the treaty it requested that the worship Talos be outlawed removed from the title of divine. Of course this got Nords upset and end up in a civil war for a stupid reason. What Ulfric and the stormcloaks forget is that the empire didn't want to do this, they were forced. No Imperial likes the thalmor and even general Tullius himself hints a possible second great war with the aldmeri dominion. So basically the stormcloaks are just weakening the empire and prevnting them to fight the aldmer doiminion. I have a feeling that all the stormcloak supporters would sure look stupid when they see the empire challenging the aldmeri dominion in the future (because its only a matter of time). I don't think any stormcloak or Redguard would refuse fighting along side the empire then.