I was wondering, was it possible that the Elder Scrolls existed in the same universe as Lord of the Rings? I doubt it, but there are way too many similarities to ignore.

Similarity 1: Elven Armor

In TES, the Elven armor is light, yellow armor mostly used and crafted by the High Elves, or Altmer. In LOTR, the Elven armor is also yellow and light, crafted by an Elven Race very similar to that of the high elves, with only few differences.  

  • Elves wearing Elven Armor in LOTR
  • Elven Armor in Skyrim

Similarity 2: Eyes

A conspiracy theorist would have a heart-attack about this one. Well, who's to say JRR Tolkein wasn't a conspiracy theorist, since the Eye of Sauron was assosiated with evil and LOTR was a Christian Allegory. But in Elder Scrolls Online, we see something very similar to the Eye of Sauron. That would be the Coldharbour Sentinel. Both are in the shape of an eye, surrounded by fire, and used by their respective evil darks lords to watch things around them.
  • Eye of Sauron
  • Coldharbor Sentinel

Similarity 3: Serpantine Dragon

The serpentine dragon was a unique addition to Skyrim with the add-on of Dragonborn. They also seem to have an appearance when a wraith is riding a very similar dragon in LOTR. 
  • Skyrim Serpentine Dragon
  • Wraith and Dragon in LOTR

Similarity 4: The Presence of Mithril

In Oblivion and Daggerfall, a unique armor finds its way into the games. The metal can also be found in RuneScape, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and many other games. The very origins of the fictional metal can be traced back to Lord of the Rings, also as a light armor that is tough, shiny, and silvery.
  • Full Mithril in Oblivion
  • Mithril Raiment in LOTR

Similarity 5: Staves

The shapes and makings of staves seem to be very similar throughout both of these. There are staves of metal, wood, and other materials in both of these works of fiction.

  • Typical Conjuration Staff in Skyrim
  • Saruman's Staff
  • Gandalf the Grey's Staff
  • A Similar Wooden Staff in Oblivion

Similarity 6: Dark Horses

Shadowmere is probably the most famous and most loved steed in all of the Elder Scrolls. It is found with the Dark Brotherhood, and notable traits include black fur, dark smoke or fog surrounding it when it first appears, and red eyes. This is also shared by the steed of the wraiths in LOTR, minus the red eyes.

  • Shadowmere in Skyrim
  • Wraiths Riding their Horses