• No co-op

I think co-op would ruin the experianc we all know. Most people love the series for the fun of being the hero.

One of ESO's faults was saying you were the hero. Even though you could see a thousand other heros all doing what your doing.

  • New location

I am not really worried about this one becuase every Elder Scrolls game has been a diffrent location.

But would anyone really have fun walking through skyrim when you have played Skyrim for 4 years.

  • More armor choices

In Oblivion you were able to wear Greaves.

In Skyrim this was taken away. I think they should add on to it.

Including Shoulder pads, Greaves, Shoes, Gloves, Helmets, Shirts,

  • Customizable Shields

I thought it would be cool to purchase paints/skins for your Shields.

This will most likely not happen

  • Thank you for reading part 1 :D