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    Moons and Trees

    August 1, 2013 by Banneram

    Lore Blog- Moons and Trees

    Moons and trees, these are the objects that are central to the creation myths of two of the major races on Nirn. The Khajiit and Argonian creation myths share similarities with the elven and human myths, however the differences set them worlds apart. There is also a great lack of information when it comes to the Argonians. When you discuss the Khajiiti creation myth you must try and view it through their eyes.

    The overall theme of the Khajiit creation myth is similar to that of The Monomyth and The Annotated Anuad however it diverges to explain the role of the moons in everyday Khajiit lifes, also the roles of the various Daedra and Aedra are in places completely different.

    • Ahnuur(Anu) and Fadomai(Padomay) were sibl…

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    The dream begins, it encompass everything yet being all encompassing it knows no boundaries. Without boundaries it knows no definition, until limitations are placed time can not begin.

    This first blog will focus on the elven creation myths. When approaching the creation myths of Mundus, one must use an open mind and realize that all could be correct in different ways. There is a large amount of overlap in the myths, this grey area is more then likely where the truth lies.


    • Anu and Padomay are companions
    • Anu and Nir give birth to creation
    • Padomay destroy the 12 worlds of creation, which Anu Forms into Nirn
    • Padomay mortally wounds Anu, the two then pull each other out of time forever
    • The blood of Padomay becomes the Daedra, while the blood…

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