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    My Video Games Reviews

    February 6, 2014 by Batrada

    This is as review of many of my commonly played video games. I provide number and description ratings.

    8/10 it is a well developed game. The magic system and archery system could be better. Well developed combat, many places to explore. Gets boring and repetitive after a while though.

    9/10 Magic system, Archery system and ccombat is well. More places to explore and lots of loot and quests. Same problem to much repetition.

    Nice fps shooter game. Needs more places, quests and enemies though. Combat variation is good. 9/10

    9.5/10 Well developed , many quests to complete, so many ways to finish endless possibilities. Overall the best fallout game although respawning enemies would help level up though.

    10/10. Well developed questing system. Many sta…

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