Hello friends and others, I have decided to write a review on the Destroy The Dark Brotherhood! quest.

This quest is one I have wanted since Morrowind ( No I don't have tribunal ). The quest is activated upon killing Astrid, current leader of the Dark Brotherhood. With her death a new quest is activated directly sending the Dovakiin to a guard, which then traveling to Dragons Bridge is required, and talking to Commander Maro. After that he gives the entrance code needed and the location. Once you bypass the door here comes the fight, you then battle Dark Brotherhood members, After killing all present members the Dovakiin is instructed to head back to Dragons Bridge and get the reward.


You can't kill any people who summoned the Dark Brotherhood.

Victoria's wedding never happens.

Cicero and Babette magically disappear.

No new interaction between NPC's about the demise of The Dark Brotherhood.

I't seemed Bethesda was pretty much like " f**k it " when they made this quest. But a nice change of pace.

In other viewpoints this quest has bearly any effect on NPC's for instance Muril.