is masked or "narrow", but still nearly 900 are believed to be a U.S. citizen or resident email unabashedly revealed NSA personnel.Under U.S. law, the United States was limited to the NSA's surveillance of foreigners outside the United States, to expand the scope of monitoring prior to special surveillance court to apply. But in reality, NSA when monitoring legitimate goal, the passing of the target figures also included monitoring range. For example, when the target person into an online chat room when, NSA collects all comments on the site's identity and message, even the only person in the web browser sparing Japanese media reports on the 6th, the Japanese government in May asked Tokyo A university professor involved in the latest military transport research projects are East rejected the defense ministry can not be reconciled, trying to keep the pressure on.In addition, Japan is expected to decide this month to U.S. exports of high-performancenike air relentless 2 sale  missile components, making it the first case of arms sales to relax in April after a sharp restrictions on arms exports.[East refused to assist the Ministry of Defense]Japan's Kyodo News reported that the professor in the Graduate School of Tokyo School of Engineering, Division of office, research direction for aerospace engineering. The report did not disclose his name.In mid-May, the Defense Ministry asked the school opinion, to ask him to help investigate the development of next-generation transport aircraft C-2 issues that arise. However, since the highest decision-making body on East Century comprehensive ban on military research decisions, and thus the school refused the request of the Ministry of Defense.However, that professors "not participate in the study, bu

t to get the most cutting-edge information" as an excuse not to apply to the school, decide to "observer" status to participate in C-2 project.C-2 transport aircraft by the Ministry of Defense headquarters in charge of technology research and development, flight distance and transport capacity is approximately four times the active C-1 transport aircraft, the development cost is estimated at 220 billion to 260 billion yen (2.2 to 2.5 billion U.S. dollars), the original the end of fiscal year 2014 given service, will serve as the SDF to "southwest islands" to send troops in the main plane. In January, C-2 in thnike huarache free 2012 e body strength test cargo door damaged, the defense ministry announced on the 4th of this month, it's expected service period will be postponed for two years.[University] government to strengthen interventionsMinistry of Defense in June by the new strategy to accelerate and strengthen cooperation with universities, trying to maintain and develop the defense industry and related technologies. Kyodo comments, the Japanese government is concerned can be converted to military use of advanced technology, while requiring universities and other research institutions to provide technical assistance to strengthen these institutions examples of interventions increasing.Ministry of Defense Ministry of Education tried pressuring East that allows professors to participate in C-2 project. However, the Ministry of Education negative attitude, which means that the University should decide such things. In late June the ruling Liberal Democratic Party defense conference held in East refused to cooperate mentioned examples, Defense Ministry officials said, will continue to work with the Ministry of Education "consultation" to promot

e East to change the decision.Other people turn military project, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education in April last year, an independent organization affiliated Aerospace Exploration Agency signed a technical cooperation agreement, began to study the sensitivity of infrared sensors for missiles and warships equipped with satellite.Japan Kumamoto University in 2012 developed a high-strength magnesium alloy, the defense ministry caused great concern that this new alloy can be used to manufacture a new generation of fighter aircraft fuselage. The defense ministry nike free 4.0 v2 cheap is discussing investment research projects, while trying to prevent the inflow of foreign technology.Japan also turn pave the way for the people from the legal aspects of military projects. Kyodo News agency reported, in June 2012, the Aerospace Exploration Agency activity limitations in the "peaceful purposes" legal provisions were removed, so that the agency can be reached with the Ministry of Defense said agreement.Quasi Cabinet of the arms for the first time []"Japanese Economic News" reported on the 6th, the Japanese government intends to export to the United States later this month approved Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. produces high-performance sensing components used to manufacture the United States sold to Qatar "Patriot 2" air defense missiles.AFP said that if approved, it will be in Japan on arms exports "self-relaxation" after the first export of military equipment.Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a key component of this sensor device for infrared homing intended for exp