7, in which the East China Sea to southeast 10 to 12 wind gusts of 13 to 14, "raccoon" center after wind up near the sea 13 to 17, gusts 17 or more.8, 9, 08 am to 08 pm, northeastern parts of Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang most, central Jilin Province, Northwest China in the east, west and southern Yunnan, southeastern Tibet, there is moderate to heavy rain, southeast of which, Gansu, heavy rain in southern Ningxia and other places (50 to 60 mm); these local and accompanied by thunderstorms and other severe convective weather. The East China Sea, the southern Yellownike free run 2 cheap  Sea will have more than seven winds, which the East China Sea to the east 10 to 12 wind gusts of 13 to 14, "raccoon" center after wind up near the sea 13 to 16, gusts above 17 .9, 08 am to 08 pm on the 10th, the eastern parts of northwest, west north, the western Sichuan Basin, western and southern Yunnan and other places have moderate to heavy rain, which, northwestern Sichuan Basin, central Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places in Central Storm (50 to 70 mm), theLu Binbin: Suddenly I heard a sound, a smoke up, a lot of people from there spread to some woman screaming. My instinct in the past and see what happens. Saw this situation, but also attend a photo, go directly carry with them pipes, hand fire extinguishers.The elderly, women, children , one survivor was carried out, and a private car also stopped spontaneously became a temporary "ambulance", the injured to the hospital the first time. When the fire brigade arrived, rescue people who have been injured to open up a channel of life rescue, firefighting, Hangzhou Hubin Squadron Song Jingfeng platoon leader:Song Jingfeng: There are people pull out the fire water bag from the mall, there are people who smashed the glass twice rescued, some people took to rescue the wounded, according to the people around that car passing by the injured to the hospital there Mubarak 

extremist organization "Islamic State" big bosses recently Baghdadi first public speech. Before this, the only outsiders to grasp the person's two photos, according to Western intelligence agencies immediately began circulating online speech video analysis of various characteristics of these militants.Surprisingly, although Baghdadi kept stressed that he was "a model of anti-Western lifestyle" and asked his followers to give up all kinds of Western ideas and lifestyles, strict compliance with the law, people in the video found that the militants but wearing a wrist Swiss watch worth $ 7,000nike free 5.0 v4 cheap .In the video, dressed in traditional Islamic robe Baghdadi, wearing Heijin, and claimed to be the world's 1.2 billion Muslims leaders. However, when the discovery Baghdadi wrist watches, some of his performances and many Western preaching immediately became the object of ridicule competing users. This person is expected to become Iraq's "cousin" it It is reported that similar Baghdadi watch and film 007 (Brosnan version) wear watches. Iraqi government still continues to analyze the authenticity of this video. As the "Islamic State" particularly good release information via social media, I do not know whether these "storm watch" will produce what kind of impact the afternoon local time on July 6 of its followers, the overseas Chinese community in San Francisco held a "Marco Polo Bridge Incident" 77 anniversary, the participants intend to submit a proposal in San Francisco City Hall, Portsmouth Square in the Chinese city to build comfort women Monument.More than 300 participants a minute of silence to mourn the casualties of the Japanese invasion of China in more than 35 million Chinese people.San Francisco Bay Area to commemorate the war

of aggression preparatory meeting on behalf of the Pacific, University of California, Berkeley professor Wang Lingzhi read an open letter calling for support of the community, to the city of San Francisco, the county government made the proposal. say that most Americans do not know "the Marco Polo Bridge Incident", but the Chinese people and the Chinese in the United States, but it can never forget the painful history. "Establishment of comfort women monument, one to commemorate this history, the second is to prevent history from being tampered with, forgotten."The open letter pointed out that the aim is to build the monument to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops during World War II were forced recruitment of Asian women as sex slaves. "Not only because of the human rights of these women are serious violations and abuses, but also because the Japanese government not only did not apologize, compensate, but denying its heinous crimes." Tonike free 3.0 v4 cheap  open letter warning of future generations and to remind the Japanese government, "never allow this repetition of atrocities anywhere in the world."Chairman of the preparatory committee for the China news agency reporter Biao Shi Chi Honghu, organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Chinese Reunification initiated jointly safeguard world will be a joint Sino-Japanese War epic, San Francisco will maintain the War epic, Nanjing Massacre Claims Union and the United States the total Chinese Council and other organizations. "We're still contact the Korean community organizations, will get their support."New Jersey, New York, California and Virginia, has established a comfort women monument. Chi Honghu, if successful, will appear in Block 8 of the San Francisco China Town."Comfort