After countless hours trying to decipher the inscruptions on the Eye of Magnus, I've come to a rather frustrating conclusion, and I'd like to know what your thoughts on it are. 

Firstly, there is no other type of text in all the books I've researched (and trust me on this, I have no life) that shows any similarity to the text found on the Eye. This brought me to think that it was just decoration, but come on, it's Bethesda. The closest types of script I have managed to come across is the Mage Script text, found on page 2 of Shalidor's insights. The text speaks about Aldiun and Akatosh and their similarities; basically, there is no correlation between the two texts. Another close text which I came across was the text on the Amulet of the Elder Council, but again, it's not the same script. 

However, I think there may be a reason me, and I'm sure many others, can't find the origins or translation of the text. During the College of Winterhold questline, Quaranir says that the Eye of Magnus should be taken into the Psijic Order's protection, for we are not ready for such knowledge and can only misuse it. So this has led me to believe that the Psijics have no shared this information with us to protect the Eye from misuse. At this point, therefore, we can not be sure of what the Eye of Magnus' inscriptions tell because the Psijics are probably the only ones with the capability and the knowledge to decipher it.

This could also mean that the Psijic Order knows of some event that, if the Eye were to be correctly translated and its powers known, could cause some disaster. Do you think this is a viable conclusion? 

[Credits: Thark Stoneskull]