Where the Wild Dogs Lay

'              Long ago, when gods and deities ruled the earth on the endless planes of the sky, and the villagers bowed down to their gods or rebelled against them, there was a lot of problems with society. Villagers would take offense from the littlest of things and only lived to obey the gods in the sky and to correct troublemaking neighbors. The gods felt like they weren't doing their role. The people were. The villagers were correcting everyone, therefore making the gods lose their jobs in society, of correcting people. Because of this, Talos summoned a large group of gods and immortals to discuss the matter. The gods later decided that Sheogorath, daedric prince of madness would take care of bussiness. Sheogorath decided to make everyone insane, so the gods would once again have a duty. Now as uncivillized mortal beings, you must again create society and a feeling of humanity. In this game you will form a kingdom or join another one, 'living out the rest of your lives working and imposing new plans to fix what has gone wrong. However before you start I must need the folllowing:

Your Character's Name:

Your Character's Occupation(King,Queen,Shopkeeper,Jobless Peasant):

Your Kingdom's name:

Your form of government:

PS: You are allowed to form alliances with other kindoms or form as countries. Kings and other political figures are allowed to create new rules with the consent of others in the political position or a majority of the citizens in a democracy. Enjoy yourself and have fun.