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    July 28, 2013 by Blicharmichael2
    Houses in Oblivion
    House Cost Location
    Imperial City Shack 2,000 Waterfront, Imperial City
    Bravil Shack 4,000 Bravil
    Benirus Manor 5,000 Anvil
    Leyawiin Lodge 7,000 Leyawiin
    Bruma Log House 10,000 Bruma
    Cheydinhal Manor 15,000 Cheydinhal
    Arborwatch 20,000 Chorral
    Rosethorn Hall 25,000 Skingrad
    Marie Elena 0 Waterfront, Imperial City
    Summitmist Manor 0 Skingrad

    Houses in Skyrim
    House Price Location
    Breezehome 5,000 Whiterun
    Honeyside 8,000 Riften
    Vlindrel Hall 8,000 Markarth
    Hjerim 12,000 Windhelm
    Proudspire Manor 25,000 Solitude
    Lakeview Manor 5,000 Ourside Falkreath
    Windstad Manor 5,000 Outside Morthal
    Heljarchen Hall 5,000 Outside Dawnstar
    Severin Manor 0 Raven Rock

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    Faction Tables

    July 28, 2013 by Blicharmichael2
    Factions in Oblivion
    Faction Name Rank or Title Main Location
    -- Hero of Kvatch Kvatch
    -- Savior of Bruma Bruma
    Order of the Dragon Champion of Cyrodiil White Gold Tower
    Blades Knight Brother Cloud Ruler Temple
    Mage's Guild Archmage All Major Citites
    Arcane University Archmage Imperial City (Arcane University)
    Fighter's Guild Master All Major Cities
    Blackwood Company Company Member Blackwood Company Hall, Leyawiin
    Dark Brotherhood Listener Lucky Lady, Bravil, Cheydinhal Sanctuary, Cheydinhal
    Black Hand Listener Same as Above
    Thieve's Guild Gray Fox Waterfront, Imperial City
    Arena Grand Champion Arena, Imperial City
    Order of the Virtuous Blood Brother Seridur's House, Imperial City
    Knights of the White Stallion Knight-Errant White Stallion Lodge, Outside …

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  • Blicharmichael2
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 10/10
      • Dawnguard: 9.5/10
      • Hearthfire: 10/10
      • Dragonborn 10/10
    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 10/10
      • Knights of the Nine: 8.9/10
      • Shivering Isles: 10/10
    • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: 12/10
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  • Blicharmichael2
    • Hero of Kvatch
    • Savior of Bruma
    • Order of the Dragon- Champion of Cyrodiil
    • Blades- Knight Brother
    • Figher's Guild- Master
      • Blackwood Company- Company Member
    • Dark Brotherhood- Listener
      • Black Hand
    • Mage's Guild- Arch-Mage
      • Arcane University
    • Thieve's Guild- Gray Fox
    • Order of the Virtuous Blood- Brother
    • Knights of the White Stallion- Knight-Errant
    • Arena- Grand Champion
    • Nine Divines- Pilgrim
    • Knights of the Nine- Divine Crusader
    • Court of Madness- Madgod
    • Duke of Dementia

    • Dragonborn
    • Ysmir
    • Greybeards- Apprentice
    • Blades- Knight Brother
    • Thane of....
    • Protector of Solitude
    • Hero of Skyrim
    • Stormcloaks- War Hero
    • Companions- Harbinger
      • The Circle
    • College of Winterhold- Arch-Mage
    • Dark Brotherhood- Listener
    • Thieves Guild- Guild Master
      • Nightingales- Nightingale
    • Agent of Mara
    • Agent of Dibella
    • Forswor…

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