Factions in Oblivion
Faction Name Rank or Title Main Location
-- Hero of Kvatch Kvatch
-- Savior of Bruma Bruma
Order of the Dragon Champion of Cyrodiil White Gold Tower
Blades Knight Brother Cloud Ruler Temple
Mage's Guild Archmage All Major Citites
Arcane University Archmage Imperial City (Arcane University)
Fighter's Guild Master All Major Cities
Blackwood Company Company Member Blackwood Company Hall, Leyawiin
Dark Brotherhood Listener Lucky Lady, Bravil, Cheydinhal Sanctuary, Cheydinhal
Black Hand Listener Same as Above
Thieve's Guild Gray Fox Waterfront, Imperial City
Arena Grand Champion Arena, Imperial City
Order of the Virtuous Blood Brother Seridur's House, Imperial City
Knights of the White Stallion Knight-Errant White Stallion Lodge, Outside Leyawiin
Nine Divines Pilgrim All Chapels
Knights of the Nine Divine Crusader Priory of the Nine
Court of Madness Madgod New Sheoth, Shivering Isles
-- Duke of Dementia Crucible, New Sheoth
Factions in Skyrim
-- Dragonborn --
-- Ysmir --
Greybeards Apprentice High Hrothgar
Blades Knight Brother Sky Haven Temple
-- Hero of Skyrim --
Stormcloaks War Hero Windhelm
College of Winterhold Archmage College of Winterhold, Winterhold
Thieve's Guild Guild Master The Ragged Flaggon, Riften
Nightingales Nightingale Nightingale Hall
Dark Brotherhood Listener Dawnstar Sanctuary
Companions Harbinger Jorrvaskr, Whiterun
The Circle Harbinger The Underforge
Coven of Namira Dinner Guest Reachcliff Cave
Bard's College Bard Bard's College, Solitude
Hold --- Thane Whatever Hold
-- Protector of Solitude Blue Palace, Solitude
Dawnguard Vampire Slayer Fort Dawnguard
Forsworn Reachman Druadach Redoubt
-- Citzen of Raven Rock Raven Rock
-- Skaal Friend Skaal Village
House Telvanni House Member Tel Mythren
Tribal Orcs Bloodkin Any Orc Stronghold
-- Agent of Mara Temple of Mara, Riften
-- Agent of Dibella Temple of Dibella, Markarth