I'd like to state that I have read the blog post about deleting pictures taken from phones or cameras..

When Dawnguard came out we began quickly adding articles but no pictures and there was a blog post saying don't upload any pictures taken from a cell phone or a camera unless you have the software to take an HD or good definition picture. If someone were to upload one it was deleted and the page STILL has no picture. I've read that these standard detail pictures others were uploading are "bad" for the site because they think that these pictures define the site as unorganized ect. But I would actually prefer to have those pictures there as a placeholder until the PC version of Dawngaurd is released so the screencaps of the items and places or characters can be gotten easier. Without the pictures it makes the site look unprofessional and I think some users might agree that having a picture even if it were taken with a camera phone would be better than none.