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    Here's a an image of every quest within skyrim. It is categorzied and has small information under each quest image. Here is the LINK to the image. Note that this wasn't created by me. My friend emailed this to me and I was pretty amazed on how much work was done here. If you have an ipod you can use this as a quest guide so you don't have to go back and forth on the computer. ENJOY

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    As most of you know, Dawnguard is out for Xbox 360. You know how people are joining the Vampires ONLY because, you can become a vampire lord? Well you can join the dawnguard AND become a vampire lord at the same time. I'll try not to spoil anything in the blog. So the way to do this is very simple. The part where you enter the Soul Cairn and you are given two choices (must be in Dawnguard). Choose the choice of becoming a vampire. Even though you're in dawnguard you STILL become a vampire lord if you ask the daughter of Lord Harkon to do so. Also, at the end of the main questline of dawnguard you can ask to become a vampire. I recently found this out so now I have to restart dawnguard with my alternative save that literally has no money or …

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    This is a quick little blog of compiling things I've learned throughout my 300+ hours of Skyrim. You can add on to it if you want.

    P.S. There was another blog similiar to this one. Please inform me if I repeated any of the things that blog mention.

    1. Just because something on a map "seems" close it isn't.
    2. Stealing a piece of bread from an old women will result in bounty hunters chasing after you
    3. Dragonborns are allowed to do and be everything. Yes, even a tree...
    4. Dragons apparently have use with gold coins
    5. Horses are the Gods of Gravity. Can't climb a mountain? Get a horse to climb it upside down
    6. Ice is great for armor , even if you fall off a mountain while being frozen with the Ice form shout
    7. Giants don't like hugs
    8. Shooting flames out of your hands…

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    Bethesda recently made a Beta sign up for the new upcoming DLC Dawnguard. If you haven't seen the trailer yet click HERE. Anyways, the Beta must require you to sign up for it and you will later recieve an xbox live code for the Beta and yes This is ONLY FOR XBOX users and requires you to have an xbox live account. I don't think it matters if you need Gold membership or not. Applications will be choosen roughly in one week. Here's the Beta Link :D


    And Onto the next subject

    We’re getting closer to E3, so we’re all using this weekend as an opportunity to rest our voices. Come Tuesday, things get crazy… crazy awesome.

    To help you plan your E3 week, here’s some dates and times to remember.*

    • 1.00pm PST | G4TV shows the…

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    The new Skyrim Dawnguard trailer has finally been released. As stated by Bethesda " We knew you couldn’t wait until E3. Neither could we." Sooo ENJOY!

    Check here for more skyrim stuff

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim: Dawnguard, the first major expansion to Bethesda's massively-offline RPG, will pit a society of vampires against the titular vampire hunting guild, the Dawnguard.

    The trailer, posted below, intimates that you'll be given the option to align yourself with one of the two factions, showing a hero transforming into a winged bloodsucking abomination and absolutely wrecking shop. However, the trailer also shows the player in the role of the quiet hunter, wielding a new tool of the trade to take down the fanged: Crossbows. We learned those …

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