Dark Brotherhood Dummer

So Bethesda did a voting/poll in their Facebook Skyrim Page. They asked the people to vote on what race they want to see next in Skyrim. The voting has already ended since it only lasted for one day -_-(didn't vote) but, they are seeing which won and will post a picture of the race that won soon(today or tommorow). Check out the pic on their official Facebook Skyrim Page-- if it's out already :D

Second thingy news thing is that the Wall Street journal did a cover on Skyrim and what not.

Heres the Link: I didn't read it yet but, I think its stuff I already know about.

Last for the Threefer news is that X-play from G4 Tv has a game preview for skyrim. Nothing new but, worth checking out if your obssesed with Skyrim(like me). ---

Theres your Threefer! Comment of what you think you'll play as when Skyrim comes out! Im gonna be an Imperial as always....