Well, that was quick: it wasn’t even a month ago that we found out that Mojang and Bethesda would be heading to court over a dispute concerning the use of the word “scrolls,” as the title of an upcoming Mojang game, but today Notch and his crew announced that they had won their case against Bethesda and can keep using the title Scrolls.

Notch tweeted the news earlier today, saying that they had won the interim injunction against Bethesda, which means that the courts have awarded them the right to continue using their desired title for their game. Notch also said that Bethesda and ZeniMax have the right to appeal the decision, but that he’s still very happy with the outcome.

So, the big question now is whether Bethesda will appeal the decision with Swedish courts, or if they’ll just drop it and move along with their business. If they were taking Mojang to court simply because trademark laws require them to defend their trademarks at every chance, then they probably won’t seek an appeal. However, if they’re serious about denying Notch the right to use the word “Scrolls,” in any form, then Mojang’s legal worries probably aren’t over yet.

Still, this is a victory for Notch and his team, and it goes without saying that the folks at Mojang are probably celebrating as I write this. Hopefully Bethesda won’t be a bunch of jerks and continue to seek litigation against Mojang, but one can never be sure in this world dominated by lawyers and money.

What do you think? Do you think Mojang will end up back in court with an appeal from Bethesda, or will Bethesda and ZeniMax drop it now that Mojang has won the interim injunction? Take to the comments section to sound off.

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