So today I looked through my blogs and found one of my old blogs about your Skyrim Backround story. I saw the many comments about my story being a stupid mostly because none of it made sense to you guys. Soo.... I decided to make a longer version of my General story to make old version make sense. It could be longer but I dont want it to be too specific.

I once again will ask.....what will your character backround story in Skyrim will be? Will it be as elaborate as mine? And do you have any story you made up connect to multiple games?

I did this mostly since the other blog is currently dead....I think.....


Born from the fires of Oblivion Xavier Reaper was the first of the Destructive Daedra Prince, Mehrunes Dagon. It is uknown yet of who Xavier's mother is but, it is told that she was one of the most ancient mages in Tamriel. From a young age Xavier was bullied upon because of his resemblance to the Mortal's in Tamriel. He constantly was scolded and beaten until he was 7 years old. When he was finally 8 Mehrunes Dagon taught his son how to fight and defend himself. For many years he spent many hours and even days training himself to become more and more powerful. At age 18 Xavier was known as one of the greatest warriors out of all the Dagon's army. For 2 years he fought in many wars and even the most famous one in Tamriel's history where Dagon aided Jagar Tharn. At age 20 he was finally allowed into the planes of the mortals to cause havoc and destruction. Until one night he traveled far north in the Tamriel and found a small portal. Xavier could feel the darkness dwelling in it. As curiosity led him, he entered the portal without any thought of what might happen. When he finally jumped through everything was completely black. No light, no sound, no existance. Until.... he saw something. Glowing red eyes and skin as black as night. It was big. Xavier turned around an ran back to the portal but it was too late, the portal closed. He suddenly felt a large sting on his back... then... darkness. When he woke up Xavier forgot EVERYTHING. His name, who he was, and what happened throughout the years. Still confused of what is happening two guards confronted him and held swords upon his neck. All Xavier could hear was, " Come with us You..". He later relized that he was thrown within Cyrodil's main jail. For many years he stayed there until one day.......fate happened....(Oblivion Main story) He finally escaped jail but was confused of what just happened. He seeked out Jauffrey since the man he met told him to bring this "special" necklace to him.(Goes through Main Story line Blah Blah Blah...) When he reached Kvatch he saw something the destruction of what happened. As he was gazing at it he heard the name "Mehrunes Dagon". Something in his brain completely went on like a lightbulb. He heard that name before and it seems like he knew this Mehrunes Dagon but his memories still were blurry. (Goes on through storyline and helped defeat all the Daedra's) After finally reaching Cyrodill and helping the last son of Septim he met his father once more, Mehrunes Dagon. Muttled and confused he suddenly had a quick black out but, everything suddenly came to him. Everything that happened, all the memories came to him. He realized his mistakes and there..... he decided he needs to stop his Father. Drawing out his most powerful sword he crouched in position. He combined magic and might and flew towards Mehrunes Dagon and sliced right into his chest. He felt a sigh of relief but, when he turned around he looked in Fear. His father still stood there fighting all the imperial guards. He went into the temple and met Martin Septim. There, he finally saw the his father disappear....for good. He was famous throughout Cyrodill and was known as Reaper since the guards called him that when he was arrested. He decided to settle down and rest upon a small castle known as The Fighers Stronghold. There, he met his future wife Lydia. After a 2 years living there he had a son. But right before his anniversary of defeating Dagon and saving Cyrodill he was called upon to close one last final gate. He did it alone this time... As he entered the portal he dressed up as one of the Daedric's and equipped there armor. He went in but when he was finally confroted the gate which held the Sigil stone a portal once more opened up but this time it felt different. Curiousty once more took over and he jumped into the gate...When he entered he saw 5 strange men in weird clothing. One of them held out a weapon and tried to kill him. Xavier took out his sword and killed all those men but, when he turned around the portal dissapeared once again. An explosion coming from behind him completely knocked him out and the radiation killed him. His body dissapeared but his soul didnt. His soul scoured this new land and found a new body which it can dwell in. Once more his memories of his old self completely dissapeared and took the name Blake. (Goes on through the main Fallout 3 storyline). He later learns that he was more powerful than most people of where he lived. He one day decided to explore so he headed east.... For 20 years he explored many lands and met many people. One day he looked in the mirror.... he was 40 years old and hasnt even seen his own face for a long time. When he looked at himself nothing has changed. He looked the same age as if he was 20. He felt something completely different about him. He knew he wasnt as "normal" as anyone else on the planet. He finally came upon the Mojave wasteland. He had only a few 100 caps so he decided to take a job as a courier.(Goes on to Fallout New Vegas Story). After defeating the Legion at hoover dam he went back to the Lucky 38 and decided to Re open it. As he was going through some clean up he found a secret button to the Lucky 38 Basement. There he found something completely weird. He found a whole vault pre war weapons, armor, and items. As Blake goes explores this secret armory he finds this singe door with 4 key holes. He did find 4 keys spreaded throughout the army. As he open the door with the 4 keys the door slowly opened. There.......he found 5 skeletons and one body that completely stood out. The body had a full set of demonic armor he hasnt recognized. He then decied to touch the armor but when he did everything came back once more. All the memories. His soul once again went back to his original body and left the new one laying there waiting to be used once more in the future. Xavier knew about the technology since the time he spent in the world. He fixed the machine that activated the portal and once the portal opened again he stepped through. He took off the armor and looked around to found himself in a forest.There he found a book laying near a tree. Xavier looked through it and found a page that had a picture of a black dragon. He suddenly relized that this dragon was the one that completely wiped out his memories and caused all of this to happen. Xavier went on a blood thirsty quest to find and kill Alduin. He headed north and found a town. But when he arrived two guards behind him arrested him yet again. Apparently he crossed the border of Skyrim without any permision. Ask he was traveling to the jail he asked the guard how many years will it be? The guard said..........your going to be executed. But Xavier knew fate will once again intervene.....and Skyrim.......he will finally fight Alduin......the world eater.