So I was checking out any new and intersting news about Elder scrolls and I found a book about Elder scrolls that tells of what happens after Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Now your probabily saying I don't read books but, if your a zombified fan of the Elder scrolls Like me its worth Checking out and it turns out this was only a sequal to the first book. Heres the summary

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Forty years after the Oblivion crisis, the empire of Tamriel is threatened by a mysterious floating city, Umbriel, whose shadow spawns a terrifying undead army.

Reeling from a devastating discovery, Prince Attrebus continues on his seemingly doomed quest to obtain a magic sword that holds the key to destroying the deadly invaders. Meanwhile, in the Imperial City, the spy Colin finds evidence of betrayal at the heart of the empire—if his own heart doesn’t betray him first. And Annaïg, trapped in Umbriel itself, has become a slave to its dark lord and his insatiable hunger for souls.

How can these three unlikely heroes save Tamriel when they cannot even save themselves?

Based on the award-winning Elder Scrolls® series, Lord of Souls is the second of two exhilarating novels that continue the story from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, named 2006 Game of the Year by numerous outlets, including Spike TV, the Golden Joystick Awards, and the Associated Press.'''''_____________________________________________________________________________________________ If you a big fan of fallout or just love reading books its worth checking out. Just make sure you read the first book first and I think from what Ive read your character from Oblivion may possibly be mentioned in the book. --