Ok, finally came around making this blog. Anyways, this is part of two of my blog series exploring multiple things in the TES World that were never solved. The second thing we're going to explore are the disappearance of the dwemer and mysteries of other races.

The Dwemer

Before we explore what happened to them we must now who they actually are. Dwemers or "Dwarves" are famously known throughout the TES games as intelligent and technologically advance. They are the smartest out of all the races as seen in games like Skyrim and Morrowind.


Dwemer as seen in Morrowind

" Records of Dwemer activity dated back to before the First Era, most notably in the Vvardenfell region, Vvardenfell in Dwemeris meant "City of the Strong Shield", which had the highest concentration of Dwemer ruins of any land in Tamriel. Feuding between Chimer and Dwemer continued until the First Council, when the Dwemer and Chimer unite to expel the Nords from Morrowind.

One clan of Dwemer, the Rourken Clan, refused to make peace with the Chimer, and their patriarch threw his ceremonial warhammer, Volendrung, across Tamriel, proclaiming that his clan would settle where it landed. Over time, they settled in modern-day Hammerfell, explaining that region's name, home of the Redguards. "

Eventually, however, tensions developed between the Chimer and Dwemer once again. A great war erupted between them, eventually leading to the mysterious disappearance of the Dwemer during the Battle of Red Mountain. The difficulty was prompted by the discovery of a mythological artifact known as the Heart of Lorkhan by the Dwemer, deep in the mountains' bowels. The Chief Tonal Architect Kagrenac, their de facto religious leader, devised a set of tools, Sunder, Keening, and Wraithguard, to manipulate the Heart to instill divinity to his people, but the spell failed and caused all known Dwemer to vanish.....

So whatever happened to the Dwemers you say? " Varying accounts state that their connection to the heart was severed, although this seems unlikely. Other accounts suggest that Kagrenac used his Tools to release the

Dwemer from the Mortal Plane, but this was even more implausible "

The only last known living Dwemer was Yagrum Bagarn. It is not known where the Dwemer actually vanished but, it is believed Kargrenac (the great dwemer engineer) used profane tools (Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder) and specific rituals to attach the Dwemer race to the power of the Heart of Lorkhan; which, for one reason or another, caused the destruction of the entire race

Heart of Lorkhan

The Heart of Lorkhan as it appears the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

I would also like to notably mention a powerful and monsterious machine known as Nunmidium. It was created by the dwemer to serve the purpose of being a "God" towards the Dwemer. It's source of power (orginally) was the Heat of Lorkhan. It then later used by Tiber Septim himself gifted by the Tribunal.

Aedra and Daedra

Most people are familiar with this two races but, I want to explore a bit more onto the history on them. In short, Daedra are like "demons" or hellish creatures while Aedra are more of "Angels". As most of you know there are 17 Daedric princes.

Daedric Princes are the most powerful out of all the Daedra and are often worshipped as Gods mainly by the Mythic Dawn. Each Daedric Prince has their own Realm and each realm has their own "style" depending on the Prince.

Daedra are very physically diverse, ranging in form from humanoid to beast-like, and occasionally are bound by soul to weapons or armor. Although they can be killed by the player, they are considered immortal, as their soul is inevitably resurrected back in Oblivion, in the event that their physical body is destroyed.

Note: Daedra are neither male or female.

There are 9 or 8 ( as the Thalmor believe ) Aedra within TES. The Aedra are similar to the Daedric Lords, however, in that each has a preferred sphere of influence. These are derived from the personalities the Aedra had prior to the act of creation; most of the remaining energy the Aedra possess is focused on their preferred sphere.

In addition to the creation of the planet Nirn, the Aedra are also believed responsible for the presence of the other solar bodies in the Nirn solar system. In the Elder Scrolls universe, a "plane" and a "planet" are one and the same; that is, there is nothing in the mortal plane of Nirn except for the planet Nirn. What mortals see as the

Avatar of Akatosh

moons and planets are nothing more than the mortal brain's attempt to interpret the presence of the divine planes surrounding Nirn. If you played Oblivion you know about the Oblivion gates which you can travel to the Daedric Realms. What about he Aedra Realms?

Aetherius (realm of Aedra) is the realm from which Aedra such as the Eight Divines originate. It can be compared to the Void, from which the planes of Oblivion and the Daedra within them exist. It is the plane of pure Magicka and its the realm where magicka was said to originate, being the realm with the root to every magic and arcane art.

It is substantially more difficult to reach Aetherius than it is to reach the Void of Oblivion. The only two successful trips there occurred firstly during the Reman Dynasty, and secondly by the "Sun Birds" of Alinor. From the Reman Dynasty, the Royal Imperial "Mannanauts" were obtained, and from the Sun Birds, the Orrery of Firsthold. It is also rumored that the Dwemer may have reached Aetherius in the past, as well. It is also rumored that the stars are direct portals to Aetherius and that they were created when holes were blasted through Aetherius during the creation of Nirn.

Orgins of Aedra....

The origins of the Aedra are the subject of many, often conflicting, creation myths across the entire planet. Most scholars, however, accept a variation of the Altmer creation myth as likely being the closest to true, after compensating for the inherent prejudice against Lorkhan and mortality in general. According to the prevalent view, the creation of the Aedra, and thus Nirn, progresses as follows:

Before the universe existed there was Anu, the unchanging stasis. Into this stasis came Padomay, the agent of change, and thus the universe was created. From the chaos of creation came the et'Ada, formless spiritual

Sithis super

Looks Familiar right? Yep, this is Sithis or Padomay

beings, to populate the universe.

All creation myths across Tamriel include the Aedra Akatosh in some form, as the first of the et'Ada to form an identity, bringing with him the concept of Time. The existence of time aided other et'Ada in forming their own identities, and soon there were hundreds of separate, individual beings. The other common element in all creation myths is the presence of the "trickster", usually called Lorkhan. After some indeterminate amount of time, Lorkhan approached his peers with a plan to create a new plane of existence, and to create and populate it with lesser beings of their own design, which he described as being the "soul of the universe". He was able to convince a group of his fellow spirits to help with his plan, while others suspected a trick or were simply uninterested and were kept out.


This is the end of Part II, but there is much more to explore within the TES series. I've always wanted to visit the realm of Aedra though. Hopefully its a land of rainbows and sunshine with ponies too!

Note: Most information are taken from the TES articles.