Bethesda's Pete Hines has suggested Skyrim lovers might finally hear more about the eagerly anticipated DLC next week.

"I am working on getting a little more info out on Skyrim/DLC," Hines posted on Twitter. "Maybe next week? We'll see. Also trying to confirm Kinect release date." We're not sure if this is the kind of leading "mayyyyyybe" we got accompanied by a cheeky smile when we asked our parents for a Super Nintendo for our birthday, or the sarcasm laden "huh, yeah, maybe" we got when we asked the rents if they were going to chip in and help out with Uni tuition fees. Either way we're at his mercy.

Though Bethesda's been cagey on DLC details, it's believed the new Skyrim content will include 'new quests, locations, features, and much more' and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 initially.

Bethesda has officially confirmed it is working on introducing Kinect functionality for Skyrim. Earlier this month the Elder Scrolls studio said it should be arriving in the last week of April. For those holding their breath, that's the next for days. Hang in there.

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