Just a small blog post for the people that didnt see this yet. This is how big the actual Collecters edition of Skyrim is.


Skyrim collecter edition


I don’t know about you, but when I see a collector’s edition that’s larger than a person’s face, I tend to get excited. The new Elder Scrolls V’s massive collector’s edition box (you know, the one with that dragon) was posted for all to see from the fine folks over at Bethesda. Check out their full blog page to see the image in its full mountainous glory. It’s like the standard packaging just ate a red mushroom. Actually, make that three red mushrooms.

They courteously reminded us that this will be released in extremely limited quantities and that it’s still available for preorder. Compared to the Retro Lancer for Gears of War, this might be the largest game-related item you can leave the store with. That is, barring you escaping with the Battlefield 3 standee undetected.

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