As I was looking through my massive database of all known Skyrim I keep up to date I found some info I forgot to add or blog to this wiki. Heres basically the lists of known armours or possible armours/items in Skyrim. Just note they may not be the right names though. If you would like to see all the pictures ask in the comment secztion.

  • Elven armour (Varients)--Female Elven Halberd Armour--General Elven Armour(Darker colored)--
  *Elven Mace
  • Orc armour
   *Orc Sword(still unsure about this one)
  • Executionar Armour
  *Exectutionar Axe
  • Female Bandit Armour--Pic shows possible Flaming arrows.
  • Horned Helmets
  • War Axe
  • Wooden Bow
  • Headbands
  • Dragonbone armour
  • Fur/pelt armour taken by Animals (Im thinking Crafting in the game)
  • Dark Brotherhood armour
  • Hide Armour
  • Halberd
  • Iron Shield
  • Steel Axe
  • Feathered Iron Arrows
  • Hunting armour?
  • Leather armour
  • Steel Maces
  • Battle Axes
  • Staffs with different Magic effects

Again These are not confirmed names but were seen in either concept art or ingame screenshots