Skyrim Comics Series Part 1 -Hey There...Blood Reaper here and I'm planning to do some kind of blog series. Basically, funny comics made by YOU or someone else ( dont take credit though ). It can be anything from just Rage comics or some comic you found on a wesbite. This is just for the funnyz nothing else. I MAY put up a competion later in the future IF these blogs are succesful enough. I can probabily provide a prize for 20 Dollars Microsoft points card or 20 dollar PSN card. Anyways, Im going to limit for only three images on this blog so it won't spam up the wiki with useless pics. The others I will link to! ENJOY!!!

Made By Blood Reaper

Blood Reaper - Lolz 1

Made By Blood Reaper

Skyrim Lolz Part 2

By Tim Buckley on Crt+Alt+Delete

Skyrim Comic Image 2

If you can make up some stuff or find something extremely funny for Skyrim Comics look me up on my Talk page and link me it! It'll likely show up on the next blog