So today I was reading through multiple interviews if I could find anything new today. I find an article that talks the usual stuff in Skyrim. What caught my eye was a section that said you were able to craft your own weapons. It said that you can actually go into one of the mines in Skyrim and actually mine for ores. Ores such as silver ore, gold ore etc. Its basically the same way you would make in Minecraft. You would go underground, use your pick axe, and craft your own diamont or steel sword. So I was pretty excited that you can actually mine in Skyrim which I thought was pretty cool. Now Im hoping you can craft your own armor!

In the article it also explained how the job system worked in Skyrim. So far we know smithing and getting wood is a job. My question to you is what jobs would you like to see in Skyrim and which one would you do? Since prostitution is probabily not a job in Skyrim I would go for Hunter! I would go into the forest and hunt for some Fox fur Or Wolf meat and sell it in the markets!