The new update for Skyrim is now released. If you still haven't heard what it is, it gives kinect users voice commands in-game. I have kinect and the actually voice commands are really useful in-game. There are over 200+ commands for the new update. If you don't have kinect then you'll have to wait till an actual update comes out for more features. Skyrim Kinect Commands

Also, here's a link to the Skyrim page for the commands if you don't want the PDF file. ( Thanks Jimee )

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Kinect Integration

As described in the PDF file

" To further enchance your adventure, we've added more than 200 voice commands available to players using kinect. Learn how to harness the power of the Thu'um and other voice commands "

The best parts of the kinect feature ( for me at least ) is the quick save and quick load feature which was really only available for PC players and the inventory command which you can change the order of your items by price/weight/name. The list of commands are also large and amazing. Yelling Fus Ro Dah at the screen may seem a bit " dorky " but it does give me a satisfying feeling inside. What? You forgot the Dragon language?! Well don't worry because your not forced to shout the dragon names. For example, instead of yelling FUS RO DAH you can say Unrelenting force.

Other features include easy hotkey acess, follower commands ( including to tell followers " attack " at whatever your aiming at) Item menus, barter menu, etc. Also, if your tired of the weird container order and you just want to sort them by name/weight/price you can do that too.

The last cool feature is the ability to go on the map and just saying the location name. Simply saying, Markath, will make your cursor go towards markath.