Well well, another leaked information on Skyrim? Yes. I dont really know if Im allowed to post or link to the leaked review (have to wait for admin permission) but, I will try to tell you what's on the review.

(Taken from )

"Spoiler Alert! It’s positive. Earlier today scans of Atomic Magazine got uploaded to the net, showcasing all four pages of the first ever full in-depth review for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s pretty much a glowing review with barely a stitch of criticism to be found, but there’s some oddities here. They claim the game to be developed by id Software (check it out on the final page of the review). It’s a bit of a glaring error that seems impossible to miss, and isn’t that basically fact-checking 101?

Anyway, this barely-known magazine has the first ever opinion you can read of for Skyrim, and they use the phrase, “possibly the most majestic RPG ever made.” Those who are shying away from any game-related information may want to stop reading. Everyone else, click on the pages to zoom in and read all that Skyrim-related goodness! "

Okay. Anyways I can tell you that the review gave Skyrim a 95% ( 9.5 ) which means that game doesnt suck! I believe they should've given it a 100% but most reviewers rarely give a perfect score but.......this is SHOULD be perfect. So what do you think other reviewers will give it? I'm guessing IGN will give it 9.8 at least ( Probabily gonna say MW3 is 10/10 ).

I shall link it once I got the A-Okay from one of the admins