UPDATE: Bethesda has announced (on twitter ) that they WILL be adressing the PS3 lag issue in 1.4


Small 1.4 Update news thing- Taken from inentertainment

With Patch 1.3 for Skyrim almost two weeks old now we thought it was about time that we saw how Bethesda were progressing with the next one. We can now tell you that it will just be a small update for Skyrim 1.4 patch, but it’s about quality not quantity here. We should expect to see this go live in January, and from what we are told things are going very well indeed.

The developer had hoped to have the issue for the PS3 resolved by now, but we all know that this was not the case. Although we should give the team the benefit of the doubt here, it’s a little hard to be forgiving when you have put a lot of hours into a game that just acts a little like freeze frame on an old VHS. Thankfully Bethesda have listened to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim users and now know what they need to fix the problem, we just hope they can deliver, as things could turn ugly quick if not. However, they do say on their Forum that they have worked tireless on the framerate/lag issue and now say that they have a fix for it – so they must now be in the testing stage.

We cannot help but feel a little upset over this, as many fans of the series have received Skyrim as a gift for Christmas, but now face a dilemma, do they install the game and learn to live with the issue for a few weeks, or should they just wait and enjoy the game knowing that the they will not run into the same problem as many of you have? There will also be a few updates to other version of Skyrim, but it looks as though the PC will get the best of these, such as the integration of the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop. More on this can be found here.


So for the people getting Skyrim for Christmas. Do not worry! The 1.4 patch will likely fix most glitches...for now I have to wait till they update that damn Blood on the Ice quest.

Oh and Happy Holidays to everyone on the wiki!

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