After finally deciding to go on my desktop after 3 weeks I finally decided to continue my Skyrim comics today. Yay for Week 2. Anyways, these are pretty funny comics I've stumbled upon and I got a video most people probabily seen already and involves arrows to the knee. ENJOY!

'The first comic has nothing to do with SKyrim BTW :D'


Herp Derp! Heres another one made by CRT + ALT + DEL . ( Timeoin feel free to correct my spelling for the site )

Skyrim Comic Image 1

Okay now the last one is by....[http:// Nerd Approved]

Skyrim comics 1

Heres the video ( just a link BTW ) Arrow to the knee....again.....

Well had to limit to three since I didnt want to spam the wiki with pictures so I'll be off to the magical land of bronies and unicorns. AWWWWAAAAYYYY!!!!