Now you guys know about the marriage and skyrim.... Your probabily wondering... What about the babies? Well.... What Im about to show you is the What If In Skyrim. What if I marry an Orc but Im a khajiit? What if I make a baby with that Orc? Well.............. Your about to find out....

Thanks IGN for making these weird Skyrim Babies.


IGN pic 1

Wood elf + Orc?

The Orc/Elf crossbreed isn't the best looking kid around, but hopefully he at least inherited some smarts from his daddy Wood Elf. Or he just inherited his beard, which will make him a total lady killer at the playground where he will probably literally kill ladies.

IGN pic 2


This little guy looks like he'd fit right in at Orgrimmar shouting, "For the Horde!" Oh wait…wrong game. The best part about cat orc babies is that they give themselves tongue baths, resulting in far less orc odor. The worst thing about cat orc babies is that they can GIVE THEMSELVES TONGUE BATHS GROSSS THAT'S DISGUSTING!

IGN pic 3

Khajiit + Argonian

When a male Argonian and female Khajiit decide to expand their brood, an extremely cute freak of nature is born. Will it eat flies or small mammals? We may never know. Will it be a mostly selfish, sucky pet that likes to hide in the corner and ignore its owner? Double definitely.

IGN pic 4

Argonian + Khajiit

You might think this would be the same as the last baby, but with a female Argonian and male Khajiit, the result is slightly different. After all, lizards lay eggs, sillyhead! And cats are so lazy that this thing might never fully hatch. Hopefully we can get pet dogs to wake them up.

IGN pic 5

Yeah thats right....... UNICORN DRAGON

RAAAWWWESSOMME! Can you imagine if two of the most magical creatures got together? Skyrim has dragons and Oblivion had unicorns, so why not create the most fiery, glittery, breathtaking love event of the century? A dragicorn (or unidragon? Nah, we prefer dragicorn)would be pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Why? Five words: Rock and roll rainbow fire.


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Now I would like to ask you guys......... What would you like to see a combination of? I would like to see the combination of a Dunmer, an Imperial, a Khajiit, an Argonian, and an Orc....Yes thats right..... a 4 guys and one women......