This is a quick little blog of compiling things I've learned throughout my 300+ hours of Skyrim. You can add on to it if you want.

P.S. There was another blog similiar to this one. Please inform me if I repeated any of the things that blog mention.

Things I've learned so far

  1. Just because something on a map "seems" close it isn't.
  2. Stealing a piece of bread from an old women will result in bounty hunters chasing after you
  3. Dragonborns are allowed to do and be everything. Yes, even a tree...
  4. Dragons apparently have use with gold coins
  5. Horses are the Gods of Gravity. Can't climb a mountain? Get a horse to climb it upside down
  6. Ice is great for armor , even if you fall off a mountain while being frozen with the Ice form shout
  7. Giants don't like hugs
  8. Shooting flames out of your hands immediately tells companions to jump in front of it
  9. Skyrim refuses to have physics
  10. Chickens are sacred creatures. Killing one will cause an all out war. If you kill one without anyone looking, they WILL find out.
  11. Buckets are a new fashion trend in skyrim
  12. Horses are wanna-be heroes
  13. NPC's love getting hurt by traps. Even if they warn you not to walk into them.....they walk into them
  14. Dragons can read your minds. Want to find a dragon? They avoid you. Want dragons to go away? They're everywhere. EVERYWHERE
  15. Children can't report anything to guards.
  16. Having a belly full of mead is more important than saving millions of lives
  17. It isn't a crime if you kill everyone
  18. NPC's don't realize the traps they put up. Shoot an arrow at and they will immediately activate the trap.
  19. Even though Dragon bones are really heavy, shooting a flame ball at dragon carcasses will make the body fly 100 miles from where it layed
  20. Mammoths have the ability to fly higher than dragons, but they eventually forget they can't fly and fall down
  21. Killing your wife will result in free stuff
  22. That purple stuff on the floor isn't throw up from enemies. It's flammable oil...really flammable oil
  23. Using Ice form on an enemy while being on a slanted hill will result in super glitchy flying time
  24. Violently vibrating items is normal.
  25. Beating up people will make them your companion
  26. In real life stealing someone's crop is illegal. In Skyrim you will get paid for doing so
  27. People from hammerfall have curved "swords"
  28. A bunny is more dangerous to a dragon than you are
  29. Punching children in the face is legal when your a thane.
  30. Sweetrolls....the most prized possession in Skyrim