Hey remember that 1.2 patch that takes out resistance of magic and you gain diseases even if your immune to them? Well.....I just realized I can turn into both a werewolf and a vampire, And so I did! I was wondering what your thoughts would be like if you can be a combination of both vampire and werewolf hmm? Would it bad ass? Or would be super gay like Twighlight?


Not half bad right? So after I became a "Werepyre" or "Werepire" however you call it I killed a dragon (that didnt fly backwards) and teabagged it and gained the Dragon Balls disease. Which then I had a thing in mind once again. What if you were a combination of a Vampire + Werewolf + Dragon?


Maybe something like this? Oh yeah and after that I went to the Dark Brotherhood to show them my new found powers. But I found the argonian there dead on the floor for some odd reason :( BUT THEN I thought of something better..what if you combined a werewolf + vampire + dragon + argonian? What would THAT look like?

So I decided to use my awesome photoshop skills then made my picture!



If Bethesda put these ideas in the DLC it would be AWESOME!!!