After cruising around, I noticed that the site owner actually purchased the pc gamer magazine. He added a few more bullets of info at, so I figured it's only fair to share this with my fellow cultists.

  • The reporter describes the pleasing effect of dual wielding a flame spell and a lightning spell – and getting a mingling of the two streaming from his hands in a blend of fire and light.
  • Grindstones sharpen existing weapons for extra damage; forges enable you to break down ore and create weapons and armour – but only after you unlock the requisite perk
  • He comes across The Rift Guards – the standing militia of one of the Holds – who do not recognise his infamy with the Imperial Legion. Later, after incurring the wrath of The Rift, runs to the nearest town where the The Rift and the Legion end up fighting to the death outside the city gates while he watches on.
  • When you are put in prison you don’t suffer a skill decrease, but instead your progress towards the next skill level in several skills is reset to zero.
  • He talks about using the Gloves of the Pugilist, with their +15 to unarmed attack – and how he was able to take on all comers with these equipped. He doing a finishing move with unarmed attacks just for the hell of it, and even combining the fists with magic in the off-hand.
  • Todd Howard talks about a bug – now removed – where they couldn’t work out who was reporting crimes, and eventually discovered that the chickens were responsible!
  • It’s confirmed that dragons don’t start appearing until you launch into the main quest, and they gradually increase in frequency as you progress in the main story
  • Todd is asked whether every single dungeon has something unique in it, and he replies ‘just about, yeah’
  • There is a Shout which turns enemies into ice. When used it will turn an enemy into a icicle – and they will steadily lose health to the first damage, even to the point of death.
  • Some of the perks he mentions that were new to me were : Wax Key which enables you to make a copy of a key for a lock you just picked; Bribe lets you make guards forget about your bounty; Vanish forces your attacker to focus their attacks on another when entering combat in sneak mode; Master Trader gives vendors 10,000 gold to trade with

It's pretty obvious that the PC Gamer reporter was blown away with Skyrim. Wrapping up his report he says this:

Before playing, I wasn’t totally convinced Skyrim would be a huge leap forward fromOblivion. It is. For all the similarities, it feels like a new world, rendered at a new level of fidelity. More importantly, the new systems completely blow open the possibilities for evolving your character. I can’t shake the obsession Skyrim has left me with. I’m pulling up screenshots on the monitor just to feel like I’m playing again. I’m scribbling character builds on napkins. And I’m wondering what the hell November is doing way over there

Bribe, Vanish, Wax Key? By the Nine Divine! This will be epic. =D

Credit to Paul at theskyrimblog for purchasing a copy for us.