After reading the Pc Gamer info a couple days ago, I decided to go see if I could find even more information from pc gamer magazine. Luckily I came across this on .

  • The writer finds a shack just as it’s getting dark which has glowing insects flying around it. You can harvest a ‘Sparkfly thorax’ from these. Then he has a quick go at alchemy, mixing Nightshade and Death’s Bane to produce a strong poison which he applies to his sword. Cool…
  • The player describes a situation where he reaches a camp with Imperial looking men. As he is attempting to cook the men suddenly run up the hill behind him where they are attacked by a Redguard woman raining arrows down upon them. This is more confirmation that the game world feels more alive and doesn’t just revolve around you.
  • Cooking turns raw stuff into stews for long term effects – such as venison stew which steadily regenerates health for 5 minutes. Blacksmithing turns metal ores into weapons or armour – but some of these are locked out until you get the right perk. And you can get meat from a horse carcass. Anyone for horse meat stew?
  • Enchanting takes place at ‘enchanting shrines’, and allow you to not only add spell effects to any weapon, but to ‘break down’ magical weapons to learn their enchantments.
  • The journalist describes how the weather changed from a light snow, to heavy and then a ‘full on’ blizzard at which point he can barely see where he was going.
  • If you kill everyone who saw you commit a crime, you’ll get a message saying there are no surviving witnesses. Lots of potential for evil roleplaying there…
  • Player explores the city of Riften which has a river running through it. There are cobbled streets with sharp drops to the water below. Below are subterraneon dwellings with their doors almost at water level, connected by wooden piers. Apparently there is a network down there called ‘The Ratways’ where the Thieves Guild is located. Markarth on the other hand is an Ancient Dwarven ruin built right into sheer cliff sides. Solitude is more like a castle city. Windhelm is like an ancient Nordic fortress, and Whiterun is more of the classic Viking feel ‘mountain-style’ in the tundra. Looks like Bethesda have delivered on their promise to make the major cities look and feel unique.
  • The chances of successfully pick pocketing depends to some extent on the value of the item.
  • The player kills a thief and gets ‘Gloves of the Pugilist’ which grants +15 to unarmed attacks. He tests them by knocking off a huge portion of health from his attacker. He then attempts a power attack: “I grab him, he disappears off screen, there’s a sickening crunch and I drop his limp body to the dirty ground”. A Hand-to-Hand finishing move perhaps? Also evidence that Unarmed is a viable play style. You can even mix spells with hand-to-hand, eg. lightning in the left hand, punching with the right.

Enjoy fellow Skyrim worshippers.