Once again has some info for us.

For those of you hungry for every last morsel about the forthcoming Skyrim game, this post is going to give you a few morsels – but very tasty morsels, for sure! If you’re looking to avoid spoilers, leave this thread now, because it will stuff you definitely don’t want to be seeing…

The source here is – believe it or not – the Russian edition of the forthcoming Game Informer magazine. Talk about a roundabout information route! The info has started to filter out onto various sites, so the translation seems fairly accurate. Here goes

    • You won’t be joining the Dark Brotherhood in the same way as Oblivion i.e by killing a random person. Instead you’ll be picking up what seems at first to be a random quest from a child, that sets you off on a disturbing and strange quest in The Rift. Eventually you get noticed by the Dark Brotherhood….
    • The reporter visits the Shrine of Azura and is given a quest – offering proof that Daedric Shrine Quests will be in the game.
    • The player threw a Wolf he killed into a river - and it floated off with the tide. Oooooh!
    • Two stealth perks are described. One gives a lethal sounding 15x damage increase with a dagger in stealth, and the other allows you to completely disappear from battle.
    • He enters Whiterun and is asked if he is ‘Battle-Born’ or ‘Stormcloaks’. He answered ‘Battle-Born’ – which I am assuming is the Legion – and got freedom to explore their headquarters. They later offered a quest, to rescue a soldier taken by the Stormcloaks at Northwatch Keep.
    • The journalist notes the smaller side quests and jobs appear as a separate tab in the Journal – while the other lengthy quests that require multiple objectives will appear in the main tab. So it seems the journal will be neater than Oblivion.

Again, as with most of these articles, small details – but we’re at the stage now where those little details are the most intriguing.

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