• Bormah

    The Saga of Ysmuth

    January 20, 2015 by Bormah

    Turdas 8th of Hearthfire

        It had been a long journey and one that Ysmuth would be glad to conclude. He soet out from the Inperial City 3 weeks ago when his brother sent word of his parents illness. He set up camp and intended to cross the border into Skyrim to see his dying parents the next day.

        As he finishes camp set up he hears a rustle int he woods and a stick snap. "Who goes there? Show yourself," he shouts as he grabs his greatsword and prepares for battle. A few moments pass and all he hears is a soft breeze rustling the leaves on the trees. You look around again and turn around just in time to see a cave troll charge into the camp and destroy his tent. Ysmuth barely jumps out of the way in time and the troll turns around insta‚Ķ

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