Denver Hyxil is an Imperial Warrior who is also a Werewolf. Denver is the leader of The Whitewolf Mercenaries, a band of mercenaries that was formed in Solstheim in 4E 154 by Denver's father. Denver is a resident of Hjaalmarch, where he lives in a manor along with his wife and children.


Born on the 15th of Heartfire, 4E 174, Denver Hyxil was brought up by his mother. Denver never had the chance to meet or converse with his father, due to his demise a few months prior to Denver's birth. Denver's father was the founder and leader of The Whitewolf Mercenaries and was killed during the Great War along with most of the members of The Whitewolf Mercenaries. After the Great War, The Whitewolf Mercenaries' surviving members were hunted down by the Thalmor due to their involvement in the Great War, as well as the members of the mercenary band having the beastblood of Werewolves. Both Denver and his mother had the beastblood as well, Denver inheriting it from his father and his mother gaining it from her deceased husband.

During his childhood, Denver was constantly on the run from the Thalmor along with his mother and the remaining two members of The Whitewolf Mercenaries. Denver did not have any child friends during his childhood and spent most of his time reading and training with his mother. When he was thirteen years old, Denver's mother and the two surviving members of his father's mercenary band revealed that Denver was a Werewolf. The thirteen year old found the fact that he was a Werewolf hard to take on board into his mind. He later found out that it was his father and The Whitewolf Mercenaries who had originally had the beastblood.